MOVIES - Episode 23

This week we have a BLOCKBUSTER of an episode for you because we’re chatting about everything that has to do with going to the movies- the importance of the right kind of snack, what our favorite films are, and some of our biggest theatre pet peeves, cause you know we got them!

BREAKFAST - Episode 22

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, in this episode we argue about whether or not that’s true. We also discuss our favorite and least favorite breakfast foods, decide which flavor of bagel is superior, and we hit you with a very special and completely insane Snack Fact segment!

SPRING - Episode 21

Spring has sprung! This week's episode is all about Spring and what comes with it: Easter, cleaning, vacations, earwigs?!? Give a listen and head on over to our social media and let us know your favorite things about spring!

HOME - Episode 20

We’re baaaack! We took a little bit of a break to help Becki move into her NEW HOUSE! On this episode, we’re talking all about our living spaces, the process of buying houses, and home decor. We also take a quiz to find out what our personal home styles would be...does it match our IRL home styles? Take a listen to find out!

COMING OUT - Episode 19

We are always here for fun, laughs, and snacks, but sometimes we want to get a little serious, too! In this week’s episode we’re talking about “coming out.” Both Nick and Pat are part of the queer community and are sharing their personal stories with the crew.

AGE - Episode 18

They say you’re only as old as you feel, well, sometimes we feel AT LEAST 95. Today we’re talking about old we feel like we are, how old we actually are, stories from our past, and we find out what the most popular food was the year we were born. The answers were definitely surprising!

CONDIMENTS - Episode 17

Ketchup, mustard, mayo… you know them, you use them, you love them. Today we’re talking about condiments, and things get heated right from the start when we discuss the difference between a condiment and a topping. Also, get ready for another round of everyone’s (except for Pat) favourite segment… SNACK FACTS!

FEARS - Episode 16

Fears... we all have them in some form or another, but do you have as many as Lindsay and Becki? Check out today's episode to learn about what we're afraid of, and maybe we can make you as paranoid as we are!


It's Valentine's week, so what better way to celebrate than to talk all about relationships - the great, the good... and the not so good. Love is in the air!

DESSERTS - Episode 14

We're starting season two off on a sweet note by talking about desserts! We eat them, we love them, we have opinions about them. Cake, pie, piecaken, cookies, pudding with a skin... nothing is off limits on this wild ride of sugar and carbs.

SANDWICHES - Episode 13

It’s our season finale, and we’ve saved the most controversial topic for last… sandwiches!! Things get HEATED as we argue about peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, our condiments of choice, and we take a quiz to see what our “spirit sandwich” is. See you soon for season 2!

ACCENTS - Episode 12

Are yinz ready for a new episode? This week we are talking about something we can’t ignore… accents! Yes, each one of us has our own distinct accent, and we finally sat down and roasted each other about it (it’s all out of love, we swear). Get yourself a big jesus snack and take a listen!

WINTER - Episode 11

It's January in Buffalo, NY and you know what that means... it's WINTER! This week we are talking (and complaining) about the cold weather, snow, outdoor activities, and something called a skidoo suit. Bundle up and give it a listen!

CEREAL - Episode 10

This week's episode is all about the quintessential breakfast (and lunch and dinner) food... cereal! We talk about our favourite and least favourite cereals, how we like to eat them, and we find out which cereal, according to Lindsay, is "SO RUDE".

NEW YEAR - Episode 09

Happy New Year! We’re celebrating the start of 2019 by talking all about New Year’s resolutions, traditions, and style. We also come up with words that best describe how we will take on the year ahead of us!

HAIR - Episode 08

Things are getting hairy on todays episode! We're talking about our most embarrassing hair cuts, our favorite hair colors, and Pat feels his true potential when he puts on Lindsay's long purple wig.

GIFTS - Episode 07

Santa can you hear me… because this week’s episode is all about gifts! We’re chatting about our gift giving strategies, the best gift we’ve ever received, and what we’re hoping will be under the tree with our name on it Christmas morning.

SNACKS - Episode 06

The time has come to talk about the most important thing in our lives... SNACKS! This week's episode gets pretty intense as we discuss our favourite snacks, the proper way to eat said snacks, and we find that Pat seems to have a bit of an issue with Lindsay's seemingly innocent "snack facts".

DOGS - Episode 05

This week we’re talking about man’s (and woman’s) best friend… dogs! Listen in as we share personal stories about the very special dogs in our lives, discuss our favorite insta-famous dog, and take a quiz to see which pooch best matches our personalities.

AIRPLANES - Episode 04

Holiday season means travel season, and this week's episode is all about airplanes! We have some strong opinions about what to eat, wear, and do on a plane, and we realize that we are probably the worst travel companions imaginable.